Performing and Visual Arts

Students explore how visual arts, music, theatre, and dance expand their lives and the lives of those in the community. Art gives students a chance to think as individuals and explore beyond the boundaries of what is known. It also provides critical problem-solving skills in a way that no other subject area can. The Performing and Visual Arts Department provides students with opportunities to express themselves creatively and individually. Students may be interested in the following courses:

Visual Arts

  • Visual arts offers courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, 2D design, yearbook, beginning journalism, sculpture, and ceramics.


  • Music courses include chorus, concert choir, band, beginning/advanced piano, and beginning/advanced guitar.


  • Theatre courses include theatre arts, scene study, and advanced acting and directing.


  • Dance offers experiences in a variety of dance forms that include jazz, modern, ballet/lyrical, and multicultural.

Performing and Visual Arts Staff

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